Training Courses.

All training is supervised by National Governing Body Qualified Instructors, In house we have NSRA Club Instructors & Coaches, NRA General Instructors & Target Rifle Instructors, ISSF Coaches, all firing is supervised by Qualified Range Conducting Officers.

Taster/Have a go Sessions (Open to all)

Lightweight Sports Rifle: From £55 per session fully supervised, including equipment and 150 rounds ammunition.

Please contact the club for further information and available dates

Introduction to Small Bore Target Shooting (Prone).

This beginner course is designed to be an introduction to small bore target shooting. By the end of the course, participants should be safe and competent to participate in club, County and NSRA activities and competitions.

From £125

NRA - Full Bore Probationary Course.

This course is the National Rifle Associations training programme for new full bore shooters (based on the Home Office requirements for Probationary Members of Rifle Clubs).

During the course participants will undertake lessons and practical firing on the range. Following an introduction to the Full Bore Target Rifle, they will learn about safe handling of firearms, safety procedures, range procedures, and firing a Full Bore Target Rifle. Continuous assessment is used to ensure participants meet the required standard.

Participants who successfully complete the course will be issued with a NRA Card of Competence valid for 4 years (now required for most full bore shooting).

 £POA All inclusive


With the steady growth of practical shooting, many people are interested in taking up the discpline. This course is an introduction for people who have reciently started, to give an overview to safe handling for UKPSA compertitions.

Courses by arrangement: Participants must supply their own firearms and ammunition.


From £155

Reloading / Hand Loading Course.

This course is aimed as an introduction to Reloading ammunition to give students the basic knowledge to safey reload/hand load there own ammunition.

1 Day Course, Courses by arrangement: 4 participants needed for the course to run

Range Conducting Officer Course.

The Range Conducting Officer course is aimed at people who are relatively new to shooting to give them the skills required to run a 0.22RF club range. The course will look at safety, the Law, legal documentation, management & safe running of firing, and practice on the range to get basic experience.

Please contact the club for further information

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