About Target Shooting and EMRR Club.

Target Shooting is a popular sport in the UK, using a variety of firearms at different ranges from 25m to 1200yds, Competitions are held for most disciplines and they consist of either accuracy or speed. Target Shooting has many associations and clubs across the country to provide access to facilities and organisation of competitions.

Target Shooting is one of the few sports that Men & Women, Able Bodied & Disabled, Young & Old can participate against each other on a level playingfield.

Target shooting does not involve shooting animals/live targets, and is the safest sport in the UK according to the UK Insurance industry.

What is East Midlands Regional Range Club?

We are an open and friendly club of 140+ like minded shooters from Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Leictershire, we shoot weekly in an indoor range in Nottingham.

We shoot a variety of firearms including Target Rifle, Benchrest Rifle, Lightweight Sports Rifle, Gallery Rifle, Long barrelled pistol & Revolver, air rifles and pistols.

How long have you been going?

We are the newest club in Nottinghamshire, having been established in 2011

How do I join your club?

Please email us at club@emrr.org.uk and we will send you further details

How long will I be a probationary member for?

3-6 months, at the end of that time if you’ve attended regularly and demonstrated you can shoot safely you can upgrade to full membership which is granted subject to the approval of the club management.

Can I come down for a look round?

Visits can be arranged prior or during the application process. Please email us at club@eastmidlandregionalrange.org.uk you will be required to sign a declaration that you have not been banned from handling firearms.

I’ve never shot before, can I come and shoot?

Not a problem, we deliver regular beginner training courses with our qualified instructors.

Do I need my own gun?

We have club owned .22LR rifles and equipment which you can use as a member, so you don’t need your own to start. Some of our members own and shoot their own rifles and pistols in various calibres, so if you already have a firearms licence you are welcome to bring your own rifles.

How much does it cost?

Full membership is £80 per year, but we do offer discounts for Juniors, Students Families.

Do I need a firearms licence?

No, as we have a selection of club rifles you can use as a member. If you want to progress to having your own rifle you’ll need a police firearms license, which you can apply for once you pass your probation and become a full member with us.

Do you compete?

We compete in the Nottinghamshire Rifle Association postal leagues and several national leagues, some of our top shots compete for Nottinghamshire Rifle Association in the county team.

Do you shoot fullbore?

While we don’t have facilities for fullbore at our ranges some of our members shoot full bore at ranges such as Bisley and Thorpe Cloud, Kingsbury & Beckingham.

Do you cater for air rifles and air pistols?

Yes, we cater for air rifles and air pistols if members have their own they’d like to shoot,

Do you offer shooting Experiences?

Yes, in some circumstances we can offer a shooting experience, please call us to discuss your requirement.

Where are you located exactly?

We are located near Queens Medical Center Hospital, Nottingham. We will email you a map for your visit

Do you have parking?

Yes, there is free parking available close by.

Do you cater for disabled shooters?

We do our best to, please call us with your requirement so we can advise you corectley

How can I contact you?

Drop us a line using club@emrr.org.uk

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