When we shoot


Every week we have access to 2 ranges in Nottingham, each one we can fire diffrent types of firearms on. So we run the club on a priority basis.


The priority basis has been structured to enable the most shooting for the majority of shooters, you will always get a shoot but sometimes you may have to wait for a slot on the range.


Wednesday night we generally shoot (17.00-21.00)

  • Small Bore Target Rifle
  • Small Bore Bench Rest
  • Lightweight Sports Rifle
  • Gallery Rifle
  • Long Barreled Pistol / Revolver
  • Air Rifle / Pistol

Friday night (19.00-22.00)

We have access to a range suitable for larger calibre firearms including:

  • Full Bore Target Rifle
  • F Class Rifles
  • Bench Rest
  • Vintage Arms
  • Gallery Rifle
  • Civilian Service Rifle
  • Muzzle Loading


Morning - Junior Shooting Section, encluraging the next generation rifle shooters.

Afternoon (14.00-17.00) - General shooting, and section training.


Sunday - Late Afternoon, Practical Training and UKPSA compertition shoots.

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