East Midlands Regional Range Club is one of the premier shooting clubs in Nottinghamshire, offering training and participation across many target shooting disciplines, we have something for everyone.

About the Club


The club was founded in 2013 and is a very relaxed club open to everyone, we encourage our members to enjoy the sport at whatever level they want to, many of our members just enjoy coming down to shoot and others enjoy shooting competitions.

What We Shoot

We have a simple philosophy in the club, SAFETY & FUN, as long as what you are doing is safe we encourage all forms of shooting. We shoot because we enjoy it and it is fun.!

When We Shoot

The club is open 4 days a week, with our main training evening being Wednesday evening


Every week we have access to 2 ranges in Nottingham, each one we can fire diffrent types of firearms on. So we run the club on a priority basis.

Getting Started & Training

All training is supervised by National Governing Body Qualified Instructors, In house we have NSRA Club Instructors & Coaches, NRA General Instructors & Target Rifle Instructors, and all firing is supervised by Qualified Range Conducting Officers.

We train on the following ranges:

Derby Road Range

(Near QMC Hospital)





Porchester Range

(Near Carlton Hill)


Contact us today!

For more information and to arrange a visit for an initial introduction please contact us:



07388 831 319

E-mail: club@emrr.org.uk

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