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The club was founded in 2013 and is a very relaxed club open to everyone, we encourage our members to enjoy the sport at whatever level they want to, many of our members just enjoy coming down to shoot and others enjoy shooting competitions.

Target shooting is the safest sport in the UK, it is very diverse with many different disciplines within the sport, it is the only sport in the UK to be completely integrated for men, women, disabled and able bodied people, we even have Blind shooting.

Participation - At the club we shoot Air rifles & pistols, Small Bore Target Rifle, Light Weight Sports Rifle, Long Barrelled Pistols and Revolvers, Gallery and Underlever Rifles, Full Bore Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Vintage arms and Muzzle Loading Black Powder Rifles.

During the year we have several trips to other ranges to shoot Full Bore Target Rifle and Scoped rifles up to 1200yds, also Historic, vintage arms and Muzzle loading black powder rifles, and some members compete at local, regional and National Competitions

Training - EMRR is the premier club in Nottinghamshire to learn to shoot at, we offer training throughout the year across many disciplines, all of our instructors are qualified to National Governing Body Standards and all training is delivered to national standards.

Social – We have a very social club in addition to tea and coffee when we shoot we have several events each year including a formal Black Tie Dinner night each January.

Don’t worry if you have never done it before, you will get training to ensure you are safe at all times. You don’t need your own rifle or equipment the club can provide everything you need.

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